MAST Services

To ensure the growth and well-being of manufacturers across the Southern Tier, MAST offers a host of services to our members. From workforce development programs to special events and advocacy — all tailored to our members’ needs — MAST is committed to ensuring the best possible business environment for manufacturing to prosper.

MAST delivers a 10:1 return on investment to member companies. By participating in programs that serve your needs such as developing a workforce, advocating at the regional, state and federal level, managing your health insurance program, sharing information among peers and accessing resources that support your human resource functions, you are making an investment in your company through your membership in MAST.

Dream It Do It

The Dream It Do It initiative with the purpose of increasing the skilled workforce pipeline entering manufacturing careers. DIDI coordinates a variety of programming with the purpose of education the educators and the community, energizing the talent pipeline and providing hands on manufacturing experiences and opportunities. DIDI has worked with 10s of thousands of students across the region introducing them to career opportunities in manufacturing.

Workforce Development

Manufacturing Intermediary Apprenticeship Program

Through the New York State Manufacturers Intermediary Apprenticeship Program (NYSMIAP) MAST becomes the local sponsor for apprenticeship programs. In this role, MAST sits between the company and the Department of Labor (DOL), and handles administrative duties with DOL.  

NYSMIAP, an employer-led and public/private pilot program, allows companies to set up formal apprenticeship programs through New York State. During apprenticeships, qualified individuals receive training and mentoring to develop the necessary skills to enter the manufacturing workforce and fill their technical careers. 

Ultimately, NYSMIAP aims to bolster the number of manufacturing job applicants ready to begin work immediately, as well as meet the anticipated employment needs of the manufacturing industry. 

HR Support

HR Compliance Services

MAST provides its members with access to an online suite of human resources software that offers easy to use training materials so employers can comply with the New York State Workplace Sexual Harassment mandate.

In addition, there is an HR library, an employee handbook builder, and a variety of training programs such as OSHA certifications that can track employees progress through each module. These products are being updated regularly to meet the changing needs of workplaces, employers, and HR professionals.

Group Health Insurance

MAST works with members of all sizes to help them offer high quality, accessible and affordable health care through group health insurance plans for companies of all sizes. Plans are available through:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Independent Health 
  • Univera 

In addition, MAST can help members find access to ancillary health benefits, such as vision or dental insurance, as well as supplemental insurance through various carriers.

Discounted Background Check Program

Through a partnership with Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce and its RBA Staffing division, MAST members have access to discounted background checks. RBA Staffing has more than 30 years of experience in screening potential employees.

Benchmarking & Best Practices

In interfacing with our members, MAST serves as a clearing house of information. MAST keeps its members informed on regional issues affecting their operations or trends in the manufacturing sector. 

MAST regularly surveys its membership on issues such as:

  • Wages
  • Skills gaps
  • Workforce trends

Information collected is shared among all members to guide them in decision making, remaining competitive, or identifying training needs.


As an organization representing 120 companies and their more than 5,000 employees, MAST is able to bring the collective voice of our membership to local, state and federal government officials. Through this, MAST ensures the concerns shared in by our community are heard in legislative chambers. 

MAST has partnered with various organizations, such as the Manufacturers Alliance of New York and the National Association of Manufacturers, and government agencies to define and address matters facing our members. 

MAST has assisted members in advocating on issues including: 

  • Workforce development
  • Environmental issues 
  • Infrastructure development
  • Federal and state regulations
  • Workers compensation  
  • Health care costs containment
  • Tax relief

Programs & Information

MAST provides its members with information on corporate training and workforce development opportunities available to help build a better workforce.

MAST partners with educational institutions across the region including school districts, boards of cooperative educational services, colleges and universities along with other organizations to examine and develop training programs to meet the current and anticipated needs of the manufacturing community.

MAST regularly orchestrates communication among members through annual membership meetings, topic-specific committee meetings, and workshops. 

MAST members receive regular emails offering vital and succinct information on topics that are important to the manufacturing community in the Southern Tier.

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When we need help connecting and expanding our network to other manufacturers in the region and beyond, the Manufacturers Association has been a valuable resource.

Chase Churchill, President, Jamestown Electro Plating


The Manufacturers Association has been a pro-active leader on the issue of workforce development by connecting us with schools and students, developing technical training infrastructure in the region and by reminding the community about the availability and security of manufacturing careers.

Rhonda Johnson, President, Weber-Knapp


When we have needed help or direction regarding regulatory issues in New York State or at the local level MAST has helped us get the answers we are seeking and consistently looks out for our interests.

Anna Dibble, Plant Manager, Cummins, Jamestown Engine Plant