DIDI Coordinator, Chautauqua County

Job Title: DIDI Coordinator, Chautauqua County
Job Analyst: Todd Tranum
Date Analyzed: 3/1/21
Wage Category: Exempt
Report To: Executive Director of the Manufacturers Association of the Southern Tier – President/CEO of Dream It Do It Western New York

Position Overview

In order for the Manufacturers Association of the Southern Tier (MAST) and Dream It Do It (DIDI) to achieve its ambitious mission, a dynamic and detail-oriented coordinator is required. The DIDI coordinator will be responsible for developing and driving programs and activities to achieve the DIDI mission of developing a pipeline of talented individuals related to advance manufacturing. This position will manage day-to-day program administration, support program development, coordinate community engagement, and coordinate outreach projects.

The DIDI Coordinator will work with a team to provide services to all local manufacturers and members of the Manufacturers Association of the Southern Tier (MAST) and manage projects in support of the Dream It Do It (DIDI) manufacturing workforce development initiative.

Attention to detail, an orientation towards quality customer service, ability to multi-task and independent decision making are vital. The successful candidate will thrive in a fast-paced environment, while balancing multiple client requests and deadlines. This position will be required to work flexible schedules, extended hours, evenings and weekends.

The job position will call upon the individual to carry out various tasks relating to the daily implementation of the Dream It Do It manufacturing career initiative.

Essential Functions

  • Assist in the development of strategic plans, budgets, goals and activities.
  • Coordinate DIDI programming and projects.
  • Work directly with manufacturers to answer questions regarding DIDI programming.
  • Interface with the public.
  • Demonstrate a high level of communications skills including writing and speaking skills.
  • Implement creative abilities. For example, graphic design and web-site maintenance experience are preferred.
  • Fundraise adequate resources to sustain programming.
  • Develop active DIDI board focusing on program execution.
  • Monthly engagement of regional business leaders, educational leaders, leading civic organizations, elected officials, and any/all groups or individuals and reach agreements whereby they contribute to the program.
  • Develop a relationship among educational institutions and manufacturing facilities within
    the region to implement all facets of the program.
  • Facilitate programming that connects (Pathways in Technology Early College High
    School) P-TECH students with local industry.
  • Coordinate collaborative efforts with Jamestown Community College pertaining to the
    Manufacturing Technology Institute programming. Support efforts to market MTI@JCC
    technology programs to potential students.
  • Coordinate collaborative efforts with all regional higher educational institutions to ensure the success of their programming that relates to the pipeline needs of advanced manufacturing.
  • Develop champions within each stakeholder to enable collaboration and success of programs (manufacturing base, primary, secondary and higher education, independent programs entities, workforce development boards, etc.)
  • Develop programs for teachers and guidance counselor to educate on advance manufacturing needs.
  • Involves all aspects of program management and coordination.
  • Seeking out grant opportunities and ensuring grant program deliverables are met.
  • Develop measurable objectives for DIDI program success.
  • Perform the following duties in coordination with the Executive Director:
    • Developing and implementing communications materials as Dream It Do It evolves, such as summary documents, brochures, FAQs, and other items;
    • Developing and implementing web and social media strategy;
    • Develop and maintain contacts for publication of newsprint articles in Post Journal;
    • Compiling and maintaining lists of press clippings; and
    • Creating a press strategy, including drafting press releases and coordinating with media outlets.

Membership Support and Retention

  • Conduct outreach to existing MAST members on a regular basis to ensure active participation in DIDI initiatives.
  • Recruit new members into the Manufacturers Association of the Southern Tier through engagement of manufacturers in DIDI activities within Chautauqua County.

Job Specifications

  • Considerable knowledge of educational institutions and/or employers in the region.
  • Proficient communication skills.
  • Ability to manage a project from start to finish.
  • Competence in utilizing Microsoft Office products.
  • Willingness to work in a team oriented environment.
  • Public Speaking Skills.
  • Fundraising experience
  • Successful candidate must be a self-starter, be able to work independently with minimum supervision, have a strong attention to detail and be able to multi-task while working under a deadline.
  • Ability to problem-solve.
  • Must be flexible, and be willing to work in a professional and dynamic environment.
  • Candidate will have the ability to work within a team and independently.
  • Use a variety of presentation and facilitation methods.
  • Assess how well program objectives have been achieved and use them to improve specific aspects of programming.
  • Strong customer service skills required.


Individuals who are interested and want to apply for the Dream It Do It Coordinator position in Chautauqua County should email a cover letter and resume to Todd Tranum at ttranum@mast-wny.com.